Celebrities with strabismus

Did you know one of the Us presidents had strabismus?

The vertical strabismus manifested by Abraham Lincoln has been noted. This article reviews the historical findings and provides a specific diagnosis. MATERIALS: Previous reports of symptoms and history relating to Lincoln’s left hypertropia were reviewed. A series of photographs were reviewed. Lincoln’s own description of his symptoms is provided. RESULTS: Previous history indicates an intermittent left hypertropia. A family history of vertical strabismus was noted with regard to Mr Lincoln’s cousin. There also is a history of trauma to the left frontal area and life-mask evidence of fracture over the left eye. The findings include a history of head tilt and diplopia, presumably most readily in downgaze.
CONCLUSION: Given the history and findings, the diagnosis of left superior oblique paresis of either congenital or traumatic origin seems appropriate.”
Author: Goldstein JH, Department of Ophthalmology, State University of New York, Brooklyn, USA.
Source: J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus, 1997 Mar, 34:2, 118-20

refrence : http://www.strabismus.nl/drupal/famous

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